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J’ai enfin tout mon cosplay de 2P England
Je suis plutôt joyeuse vous savez QuQ
Je posterai des vrais photos un jour
Mais bon la je fais juste des photos de mon faciès histoire de m’habituer un peu QuQ

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Hey denny- Mind if I call you that? Anyway so Denny what happens when someone annoys you a lot?

Asked by: Anonymous


imagei’d usually joke it off and be patient with them..

imagei will get more agitated if they persist, but if they go too far….
And depending who they are-

image i’ll handle them in a civil way.

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Hello, for an upcoming con I'm cosplaying 2p fem England. But instead of her regular "maid" type dress I've taking Oliver's outfit and femmed it up. I'm now worried that people are going to be like "rawr that's like not even her outfit" -,- do you think this will happen?

Asked by: Anonymous

You will probably get some comments on it. But hey, if you do it so awesome that everyone is like ‘OMGGGG I LOVE THAT OUFIT’ it won’t be a bad thing! 

Since ‘Oliver’ doesn’t have a canon outfit it might be better to try and masculinize Nyo!England’s outfit rather that the other way around. It’d be more recognizable. Not to say you can’t just do as you plan with a favorite ‘Oliver’ outfit but keep in mind not everyone has seen the same outfit for him. If you do Beek’s 2p England it’s a good chance they’ve seen it but a lesser known outfit will be unappreciated